IFS Experts Team :

Experienced, Certified and Court Accepted - Forensic Expert and Forensic Scientist for various Forensic Evidence Testing like Handwriting, Fingerprint, Document etc...

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Our Forensic Lab Services:

Handwriting, Document and Signature Examination, Fingerprint / Thumb Impression Verification, Cyber Crime, Email Investigation, Video Testing, DNA Testing etc...

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What is Forensic Science?

You should know exactly what forensics is... It deals with scientific crime investigation in order to  help solve crimes faster and also minimize delay in delivering justice...

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IFS = International Forensic Sciences :

'IFS' is a legal entity, registered with Govt. of India, MCA,  Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India, Govt. of Maharashtra, D.I.C.; and ISO 9001-2008 Certified ; also Regd. with Dun & Bradstreet, United States Federal Governments CCR Database, Microsoft Partner Network Member & International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, Singapore Partner Member, Red Hat Partner Member, CISCO Registered Partner,  etc...

We provides various Forensic Science Services (Private Forensic Science Lab Testing Services, Court Acceptable Opinions & Examination Services Provider Organization for Forensic Awareness in India) including- Forensic Expert Opinions Under Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act on Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery, Fingerprints, Latent / Invisible Fingerprint Development, Lifting, Verification; FBI Fingerprinting for Visa / Immigration / PCC FD 258 Card & State Police Clearances; Forged Documents, Cross Examination, Expert Testimony, Expert Consultation, Breach of Confidentiality, Legal Consultancy, Wrongful Termination, Forensic Imaging, Photography, Photo / Image Authentication, Photo Time Stamp Analysis, Data / Disk Snap, Data Collection, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Computer Misuse, Information Theft / Misuse and many more... 

We have solved many cases and given expert opinions to many Govt. Organizations (Police Departments, Supreme Courts, High Courts, District Courts, Consumer Courts, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, (Ministry of Human Resource Development, and many other Govt. Agencies etc), Semi-Govt. (Banks, Insurance Companies, Legal Organizations etc), NGO, MNC, and other Private Companies, Organizations (Syndicate Bank, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, CitiBank, etc), Advocates/Lawyers, individuals etc...

'IFS' also provides services like- Forensic Science Standardization, Forensics Certification, Forensic Science Education, IFS Memberships, IFS Forensics Publication, Legal Consultancy, Web Security, Crime Investigation and Prevention, Biometrics, Industrial and Domestic Security, Cyber Security, Network Security, Forensic Awareness Programmes, Web Designing, Web Hosting, E-Mail Hosting, SMS Hosting, Payment Gateways, Security Certificates, Forensic Science Research, Development and many more...

Forensic Science is the use of advanced and science based techniques during crime investigations. Forensic science can answer many valuable questions about a many crime and be applied to legal or course cases. The different States Govt. and Central Govt. having their own Forensic Laboratories in India including Central Forensic Labs (CFSL), Government Examiner of Questioned Documents (GEQD) State Forensic Science Laboratories (SFSL) and Regional Forensic Labs (RFSL), but these Government Labs are mainly serving for Government Sector Organizations, Courts and Police System, so private firms / individuals may face difficulties during submitting case to these Govt. Labs because Individuals can not approach the forensic science labs for their private, personal or criminal matters, unless they go through the proper channel of Police or Court of Law. Today, large number of cases are still pending for court of law, and the courts are becoming overloaded, in these cases our experts and organization is one of the best alternative solution for everyone / public. Now there is an acute shortage of skilled forensic experts and experienced scientists in the India, so IFS also provides different Forensic Courses, Certifications and Trainings to become qualified & certified Forensic Scientist or Expert in different disciplines.

Education Department: (IFS India & Universal Scientific, Legal and Educational Foundation) - We also provides Forensic Sciences, Criminology, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Law, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Examiner, Fingerprint, Document & Handwriting, Private Detective, Psychology, Forensic Odontology or Dentistry, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology etc... courses and certification in Distance, Online & Training Mode. (Read More)

FBI Fingerprint Card for VISA, Immigration in USA, UK, CANADA, RCMP - FBI, State Police Clearance Fingerprint Experts- We provide FBI and State Police Fingerprinting for VISA, Immigration, Background Checks, State Police Clearance, Job Applications, Education / Admission Purpose etc...  in USA, UK, CANADA and other Countries on a Valid, Standard and Special Cards e.g. FD 258 card (For more details click here or also visit www.fbifingerprinting.in )

DNA Testing / Profiling / Genotyping- (Internationally Accredited Testing) - 'IFS India' is affiliated to world class, internationally accredited and independent DNA testing Lab, which provides DNA testing, paternity testing or medical services arenas. The current lab to carry out our DNA testing has been operating since 1999. Over the last 10-11 years they have performed more than 5,50,000 DNA tests and paternity tests etc. (Read More...)

GROUP OF FORENSIC EXPERTS, FORENSIC SCIENTISTS AND INVESTIGATORS- We have certified and experienced experts in many cities of India and abroad, Our experts are highly qualified in their field, some of them having 15 to 40 years experience; Each member of our staff is also trained, certified and experienced. They works harder, faster and honestly for your cases and submit opinions in courts which are acceptable according to Indian Evidence Act, Section-45.

CONFIDENTIALITY / PRIVACY: We are committed to protecting the privacy of all our clients. Your identity, along with what we do on your behalf, is kept absolutely discreet and confidential.

Our Expert Opinions and Reports are acceptable in every court in India and many abroad courts. (In India- U/S 45 of Indian Evidence Act)


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